Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kumar aims to deliver

It was two years ago the keeper S. Kumar lost his second child.

Harshenn,  who was 3, died at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital due to high fever. 

The death of the toddler occured on June 18, just a day before the Olympic Qualifiers got underway at Antwerp, Belgium.

And on Wednesday, Kumar and his team mates will attempt to negotiate another qualifier, this time the World League Round 3 which serves as a qualification for the 2018 World Cup in India.

Malaysia face a tough bit not an impossible task in London as they have been placed in a group that consists of Argentina, England, South Korea and China.

For Kumar, the appearance of his Son in his dream two nights ago has inspired him to give his very best.

" It has been a painful Teo years and we as a family just cannot get over it," said Kumar when contacted in London.

" Ib my dream I saw my Son who had passed away playing with his two siblings ( Varshan who is seven and and asked me how come the youngest looked so much like him.

" He looked cheerful and that brought relief to my heart and mind."

Kumar left the team just before the qualifiers to head home to perform the last rites for his Son, an emotional moment that Hockey fans in Malaysia would never forget.

Qualifying for the next World Cup is a top priority for this Tampin born lad who has only the 2014 World Cup to show despite playing well over a decade for Malaysia.

Kumar has played in 3 Olympic qualifiers and 3 World Cup qualifiers, only making it through for the 2014 World Cup.

" We have a very well balanced side here in London and what stands out is that the players are determined to do well," added Kumar after the team had defeated Wales 4-1 in their second warm up match.

" This is a hard working bunch that have their minds focussed only on one thing - that is to make the World Cup.

" We know it will be tough and every match counts but we intend to negotiate our way safely into playing in India next year.

" Frankly there is no pressure as we have self confidence and that itself is vital in our quest for a good finish in the tournament."

Malaysia will open their campaign against Argentina, followed by England, South Korea and China.

They need to finish at the very least in the fourth position in the pool to stand s chance to make it to the World Cup.

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