Monday, May 1, 2017


What is the obsession with target and Journalists?

Often we hear the media ranting about target and asking coaches, officials and administrators what is the target for the athlete or sport or competition or event.

The ongoing Azlan Shah Cup is a perfect example.

The question of target and whether it is achievable or not and we hear or read about it almost daily.

While it is good to place targets, there must be a reasonable understanding of targets and performances as opposed to tactics and preparation.

The hockey team was set a top four target for the Azlan Shah Cup, by who God knows.

Let's get real, what is the point of even winning the Azlan Shah Cup, something we have not done since 1983 and we go to London and fail to make it to the World Cup next year through the World League Semis?

Will that appease these obsesses personalities who harp on target each time the Hockey team participates in a tournament.

What we need is critical analysis of the team - a better understanding of their program.

While these target frenzy Journalists are doing damage, there are also those who are quite prepared to pull wool of the eyes of fans and readers.

Not everything is good with the team - it was evident in the two matches in the Azlan Shah Cup.

The team looked slow ( perhaps as a result of the heavy workload in physical and gym sessions leading up to the tournament) , lacked the desire and hunger, devoid of ideas and above all their structure was non existent.

These are areas of concern for the coaching staff, not targets.

We can finish last for all I care, lose by big margins but in the end of the day we need to make it to the World Cup on merit, not some backdoor entry or last minute invite just because some country is denied a visa.

Give the team room and space, let the coaching team do their work and in their own way.

They need support and backing, not pressure.

If they fail in London then go after them.

But till then hold your tongue, no matter what happens at the Azlan Shah Cup.

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